About Cintsa Horses

At home with Cintsa Horses

Katie and Lei Li at Cintsa HorsesIn 1998 just after the Dickersons started their beach horse trails in Cintsa, Kerry Theobold, an up-and-coming journalist said “Let’s take a ride on the wild side”. It was the first time the Dickersons had heard that expression, and that is how Kerry started a news article about Cintsa horse trails.

Another expression that has stayed with the Dickersons is “horses working for horses”, and that is exactly what their horses do. The horses who work on the beach help cover the cost of their rehab pals.

The Indian Ocean, the beach, the dolphins, the dunes…

What a wild combination!

And let’s not forget the most important factor: the horses.

Imagine cantering down the beach with the ocean on one side and magnificent dunes on the other, a pod of dolphins diving through the waves, that’s what you can experience.

Our trails vary from a 2 hour trail incorporating beach and bush and some of the most scenic views from above Buccaneers Backpackers at Cintsa looking back toward Morgan Bay and Kei Mouth.

Have fun with your friends and family, while helping our horses help their own friends and family!

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