Trails and Safaris

Our half day trail

Our half day trail is from Cintsa West to Newhampshire Rehab Centre near Tainton Village, where our home is .

This trail is half beach, and half bush. We ride up through the Cefani Lagoon, seeing lots of bird life (including the magnificent Fish Eagle that nests up in the krans).

Bush buck and duiker are very often seen on this trail, and the environment and ecological surrounds are breath taking.

The trail starts at 8 to 9am depending on the elements.

The trail is led by a professional guide. Snacks and cool drinks are included, and lunch is provided at our farm, or at a local restaurant.

Duration of the trail is 3 to 4 hours .

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Our full day trail

Our full day trail takes you up as far as Cape Henderson, all on the beach. The marine birdlife is of great interest. The white breasted plover or ‘strandlooper’ as it is locally known, is a common character, running along in front of the horses.

There is the well known hiking trail, of the same name, that runs the same course as our horse trail, though starting at Kei Mouth, and running right down the coast to Gonubie.

Other interesting wildlife to be seen would be the chance of sighting a Southernright and Humpback whale. They are more prolific in the winter season.

Dolphins are the order of the day, though no guarantees of a siting can be made.

There is a choice on this trail to be able to ride back to our farm and braai with us, or to go back to the original base and have supper at one of our local restaurants.

Once again your guide, cool drinks and snacks will be supplied. This trail leaves at 8 to 9am in the morning and finishes around 5pm. Departure time will depend on the elements. Duration of this trail is 5 to 6 hours. Don’t forget your costume and sun cream.

We also do overnight trails that can be extended.

Our love for horses brought us to where we are today. Our trails are varied to suit your needs, from the absolute beginner, to the experienced equestrian. Our horses are of all shapes and sizes, and each has a different character.

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