Volunteer for Cintsa Horses
Cintsa Beach horse trails and safaris incorporating
New Hampshire Equine Rehabilitation Centre

We are two women, Georgie and Penny, who run a small family equine business in South Africa. The horse trail side of the business funds the rehab centre, as we have no official sponsorships.
We have positions for horse loving individuals.
If you have the basics of walk, trot and canter it’s a bonus. This is a chance for you to get some ‘work experience’ while taking your ‘gap year’.

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Georgie came from the United Kingdom 35 years ago, raised and educated in Gloucester. She went on to work and study at Maisemore Equestrian Centre. Tanja was born in Zambia and Penny in Zimbabwe.

Georgie has always either kept horses while in Africa or had strong connections with horse owners, this seems to have passed on to her daughters Tanja and Penny. Ten years ago we decided to venture out and do beach horse trails. We applied for, and were granted the relevant permits which are essential to be able to ride on the beaches in South Africa.

One of the most important projects we have worked on during the last 10 years was to be involved with the European Union.
We were selected as the service provider to go into the rural areas in the Transkei, and teach the local horse owners basic horse care management, and to then have the horse trail guides work with us on our trails. This was to try and improve both horses and guides for the Amadiba and Amapondo horse trails.

This was a vast challenge for us, and we were very proud to be selected for such a task. We wrote manuals in English, to be translated into Xhosa. In some of the sites we visited, we did a lot of our teaching with pictures, especially for the older horse owners who were only semi-literate.

The trail guides were a lot easier as they were much younger and had good basic education. Most of them were fluent in English, and were able to use my more detailed manuals.

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