Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer

All our horses are turned out permanently and only a few working horses with problem feet are shod.
We believe in a natural environment for our horses and their social groupings.
Buss, our Percheron stallion, runs with his mares and offspring.

Work with horses in a different environment, ride the beach, bush, and see different sea and wild life.
We offer a 1 – 12 week working holiday with the magic of the African experience
Whether you are advanced, intermediate or an absolute beginner rider, this is your opportunity to be involved in all aspects of gaining different experiences with our much-loved horses.
Your food and accommodation is paid for by yourself, you can either live in as family, or we have a two bed roomed cottage adjacent to the farmhouse which gives you your own space.
While with us, you will benefit from your experience and can use it for your future in the equestrian world, or just put it down to a good life experience.

The payment you will make goes to your food and accommodation, airport collection and your transport to and from the horses. It also goes toward sponsoring extra needs for our horses, as, although they are rescued, they still cost lots.

If you are interested in supporting our small family business, and learning more about horses, contact us by email for more information.

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